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Chapter 8. Vector Rasterization and 2D Transformations

"There are a lot worse things out than vampires tonight"


This chapter will cover vector topics, such as how to draw lines and polygons, and will show you how to finish off the first module of the T3DLIB game library. This is the first chapter that pours on the math, but if you take your time, there shouldn't be anything you can't handle with a little effort. About the hardest thing I'm going to talk about is matrices. (It's just an introduction so that when you get to the 3D material on the CD, matrix math won't look totally alien.) Also, by popular request, I'm going to give you some ideas on how to do scrolling and even isometric 3D engines. Here's the hit list for this chapter:

  • Drawing lines

  • Clipping

  • Matrices

  • 2D transformation

  • Drawing polygons

  • Scrolling and ISO 3D engines

  • Timing

  • The T3DLIB version 1.1

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